Ignore social media now and your competitors win later

Social media has become increasingly popular over the past five years, starting with sites like MySpace.  Since then, social networking sites have increased in number, and continue to do so at the rate of three sites per year.  The reason for this striking increase is that social networking sites aren’t only used for the sake of connecting people. Today’s businesses can easily use social-media-power to reach out to their clients regardless of where they may be, and social media management companies such as Elite Process Works York PA have dedicated themselves to help you achieve your internet marketing goals.

Relationship between small businesses and social media

According to a recent study carried out by School of Business of the University of Maryland, almost a fifth of the owners of small businesses have their businesses integrated with social media such as Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook and about 45% of the owners surveyed said they believed that their social-media initiatives will pay off in financial terms within 12 months.

The following statistics were published by the aforementioned study:

•    Facebook helped 69% of its users receive customer recommendations, 59% get more traffic to their websites, and generated sales leads for 42%. The remaining percentages of each are distributed between Twitter and LinkedIn.

•    65% of the businesses using social media remained in touch with current clientele whereas 53% found and attracted new customers

•    33% of the businesses using social media were able to collaborate effectively externally while 18% did so internally

It is important to know which route to take once you make the decision of using social media services for marketing purposes.  The best way to determine the most suitable social media management services your business require is to first find out what type of target audience you want to reach out to.  With that said, you can’t really go wrong as long as you employee a strategy to connect with your customers.  The main options you have for doing this would be to internally handle social media tasks or to outsource.  Many businesses choose to outsource as it can be highly cost effective when compared to having your already busy employees try and learn new task for take their focus away from their daily workload.

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