With over 500 million users worldwide and counting, Facebook is indeed a titan in the realms of the Internet. Users have the luxury of gaining unlimited access to their friends, relatives, loved ones, customers and potential clients. With a lofty and dizzying page ranking of 10, this social media marketing platform is in the echelons of the great in the web. The website gives users the much needed exposure as it can also helps in the promotions of their websites, product and/or services in the Internet, The website has features that allows marketers here t make their own official fan page and community page that can be utilized in reaching out to their customers.

Not to be outdone is the YouTube, which is now a household name as far as Internet technology is concerned in the world. This platform allows company to place their advertisements in the form of video, and video clips, without a fee or hassles. So powerful platform, a well-made video may attract thousands to millions of visitors, which can be very helpful to the promotions campaign of a certain company.

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