Essential Tools Every Writer Should Use Daily

Every professional needs a good set of tools they can rely on. Writing is a popular niche in which individuals are often in charge of writing blog posts, articles and social media content. This is usually done through freelancing or content writing agencies that employ writers.

However, these professionals need quality tools that are compatible with their work as well as their clients’ needs. What are some of the essential apps, platforms and services that every writer should use on a daily basis?

Google Docs

There is no need for a premium word processor with Google Docs at our disposal. Writers and content creators can rely on Google Docs for their creative needs. Processors for words, presentations and tables are free to use and allow online storage through Google Drive.

Not only is this solution lightweight and affordable, but it also allows collaborations and quick file sharing among colleagues and clients. No matter if you are a new writer or an established professional; there is no denying that Google Docs can help you out.

Cold Turkey

Writers have problems with procrastination, just like anyone else. Cold Turkey is an app that effectively blocks your access to social media and other leisure websites. Being focused on your work is much more realistic with an app that focuses solely on keeping you on your task.

You can set Cold Turkey to automatically unlock after several hours or disable it yourself if you consciously want to stop work. Instinctively clicking on Facebook or YouTube links won’t be a problem anymore since these sites simply won’t respond to your visits until Cold Turkey says so.


While Google Docs is a good content edition platform, it won’t help you fix grammar or formatting errors. Hemingway is a dedicated platform for proofreading and text rating. It allows you to analyze each sentence in order to get a better understanding of your text’s readability.

This allows for a much easier editing process since very few text editors poses this depth of analysis. And while you may be thinking: “I can just find someone to do my paper for me instead”, Hemingway allows you to do it yourself if you choose to do so. The service is free to use and all you have to do is copy your text over to Hemingway’s interface in order to get started on proofreading.

TED Talks

Sometimes all you need is an inspirational speech to get back in the writing game. TED Talks is a website that encompasses hundreds of videos dedicated to motivation, life coaching and inspiration. There are numerous videos made especially for creative people such as writers, designers and others.

These videos require mere minutes of your daily time but allow for a huge boost of confidence before you start working. Accessing these talks is free for anyone without any need to register or leave personal information. This ensures very quick and easy access for writers looking for some much needed inspiration.


Lastly, Evernote represents the perfect online notebook that every writer should own in their arsenal. Evernote is a platform and an application that allows you to jot notes, work on new writing projects and organize your daily workflow. The platform is designed with writers in mind and it can transform the way you see writing.

It’s easy to integrate Evernote into your web browser, smartphone or desktop computer and start working in a smart new way. The best thing about Evernote is that everything syncs with the platform’s cloud server, meaning that you can access your notes from anywhere and anytime.

In conclusion

As you can see, there is a multitude of applications and services that can make your writing process faster and easier. Keep in mind that the most important ingredient of your work will still be the written content itself.

These tools will only streamline and speed up your process to a point where it will feel more comfortable and enjoyable. Don’t be stubborn about making your own work easier. Take any opportunity to do so and give some of these tools a chance in your daily writing routine.

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