ROI of Internet Marketing vs. Conventional Advertising

Business Success in the 21st century world requires a rigorous hard work in all fields of specialization. Hard work is dependent not only on what to do but also on how to do it. In other words, harder means Smarter. You need to check on your methods. Most companies have their mission, vision and goals creatively and excellently crafted. But how they realize those goals makes the difference.

Logically, to combat this 21st century demands, you need to make use of the most up to date tactics as well. Moreover, in order to cope with the demands of this era, you need to do simple things that can provide you the most profit legally in the shortest possible time.

As per statistics, more than 72% of America’s population own computers and access to Internet 14 hours per week. Though they watch TV, it was found that the average number of leads generated through online or Internet marketing is much higher than any conventional marketing method.

Indeed, Internet marketing requires low cost but has high return on investment. It is hundred times cheaper than the conventional method. The table below shows the comparison of printing a news ad for a day and the cost of e-mailing to 25,000 e-mail addresses. Internet Marketing simply is the champion.

Internet Marketing Radio TV Magazines and Newspapers
Amount Invested(in dollars) 10, 000 10,000 50,000 20,000
Leads (Average) 700-800 200-300 500-600 300-400

This supports the idea of using the most modern and effective methods available for you. These are current elite processes that work in Internet Marketing.

First is the Search Engine Optimization or SEO where websites are seen by search engines and become visible for people to see find you on the vast and ever expanding internet. SEO services are powered by the technique SEM or Search Engine Marketing.

Secondly, you have the social media marketing, which enables people to look into your advertisements while doing their social thing. The social media marketing not only targets one person, but also an entire population because of networking with families, friends, and people they know. Networking is a powerful tool for business in this century. A report on SMM showed that 88% among 880 marketers use social media marketing because of the time commitment that 72% use SMM for few months only yet made a very big difference in their investments.

Many companies offer services like SEO, web designing and making web content. Companies like Elite Process Works, based in York, PA can help your small business reach into the marketplace but harnessing more power from the internet. By using the right methods, you are taking your business to a higher pedestal, faster than you can imagine.


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What Conventional Advertisers Won’t Tell You About Internet Marketing

For years, small businesses relied on conventional advertising methods to get their messages across to their clients. However, aside from being an old technique, there is hardly much use of conventional marketing methods when people depend more on the Internet.

According to a recent study, more than 72% of the U.S.A.’s population own computers and access the Internet 14 hours per week. However, though they watch TV just as much, the average number of leads generated through online marketing is much higher than any other conventional marketing method.

If you own a small business and want to start reeling in profits, then the following are the best Internet marketing methods that can help you:

Backlink Building: Backlink Building is a method which helps boost the popularity of a website. By creating links directed to your business’ web page, you will increase your visibility to search engines. Backlink Building is your key to boosting your ranking on search engine results. By spreading your website’s link on social media pages, article submission directories, etc., you will get a good amount of traffic to your site.

Search Engine Marketing: Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is a technique, which allows websites to become visible to search engines through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), contextual advertising and paid placement. SEM is a popular method because 8 out of 10 Internet users depend on search engines to get what they want. Plus, by using sound SEM techniques, you have a 63% chance of getting your website displayed in the top search engine results page.

Social Media Optimization: Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming popular sources of driving traffic to websites. By creating your own optimized company profile on social media websites, you can direct some of these sites’ millions of users to your web page. Plus, social media sites are usually more visible to search engines; thus, along with your SEM and Backlink Building efforts, chances of your website’s visibility to your potential clients will triple.

Companies like Elite Process Works, based in York, PA can help your small businesses reach out to the Internet crowd. Elite Process Works can cost effectively optimize your website for SEO/SEM, perform Backlink building and improve your social media presence to attract and build relationships with more clients. So, get ready to welcome a stream of traffic with Elite Process Works working for you.

Social Media Optimization

Social media marketing which is also termed as Social Media Optimization or SMO for shot favors organizations and individuals by giving an added way for customer support, a way to garner customer and at the same competitive, and a process of organizing their status online.

Key aspects that guarantee success are its significance to the clients, the worth it offers them with and the potency of the organization on which it is built around. A well-built foundation provide as a stand or stage in which the organization can consolidate its information and guide clients or cutomers on its recent developments by the use of other social media channels, such as article and press release publications, and reviews from website owners all over the world.

Here are some famous and useful platforms, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and among others.


With over 500 million users worldwide and counting, Facebook is indeed a titan in the realms of the Internet. Users have the luxury of gaining unlimited access to their friends, relatives, loved ones, customers and potential clients. With a lofty and dizzying page ranking of 10, this social media marketing platform is in the echelons of the great in the web. The website gives users the much needed exposure as it can also helps in the promotions of their websites, product and/or services in the Internet, The website has features that allows marketers here t make their own official fan page and community page that can be utilized in reaching out to their customers.

Not to be outdone is the YouTube, which is now a household name as far as Internet technology is concerned in the world. This platform allows company to place their advertisements in the form of video, and video clips, without a fee or hassles. So powerful platform, a well-made video may attract thousands to millions of visitors, which can be very helpful to the promotions campaign of a certain company.